Single Admission

7-day access ticket to the full virtual tour
Price shown is in AUD (approximately 6.00 € / US $7)



As we are a volunteer run organisation, we rely on public support, both through our amazing volunteers who meticulously maintain the exhibits, as well as through funding from benefactors and our online visitors.

You can access the Virtual Tour with a single ticket purchase, however, we warmly welcome all generous support gestures where multiple tickets are being purchased.

Simply increase the counter above to your liking.

Thank you ever so much in advance.

Here is what’s included:

  • 7-Day Access Pass to the Virtual Tour (with the visit originating from your IP address)
  • Over 200 exhibits
  • 120 Cars
  • 120 Engine Bays
  • 10 x 360 Panoramas from select vehicles
  • Detailed description / story on many vehicles


We estimate that you can comfortably spend several hours exploring the museum at your leisure.